Our Process

Our Inspection will include a thorough investigation of your home or business with our state of the art equipment.

We are not Testers, we are Inspectors. There is a big difference between us and other Indoor Environmental Inspectors. We put your health and well being first, before our wallet. We do not run in and take a few samples, look at a few areas, collect payment and leave your home in under an hour. That is what a tester does and they are out to “test” as many homes as they can in one day.  The most critical part of any mold assessment is the assessment itself of your home or business since mold travels and spreads.  The assessment is necessary in order to identify all areas of mold growth and their source(s) of moisture that must be corrected since the excess moisture is the reason that created the environment for the mold to grow.  

Mold needs three things to grow, a food source, oxygen and moisture.  Controlling mold is really controlling the moisture in your home. It is vital to remediate all mold that is growing in your home or business immediately before it causes health issues and structural damage.

If your home is not thoroughly investigated, then how will you ever know that your mold problem was correctly identified in order to remediate all problem areas fully the first time?


We only inspect 2 homes/businesses per day; because in order to inspect a home or business completely, it takes time to be thorough.

On average our inspections take anywhere from 2 – 5 hours.

The inspector will help you determine if samples are needed, and/or which samples would be the better samples for your home or business based on what they found during their assessment of your home or place of business.

There are many samples you can choose from and some won’t be the best for  your home pending what the inspector finds because some molds are hard to capture in certain samples.

That is why it is important for us to do a full inspection in order to help decide which types of samples should be taken for your specific situation in order to get a good picture of what is going on.

During the inspection, we may use:

A Psychrometer

for determining relative humidity.

A Moisture Meter

to determine the moisture content within specific materials and walls.

An Infrared Temperature Thermometer

to determine the exact temperature of specified items within your home or business.

A Zefon Bio-Pump

used for collecting interior air and inner wall cavity samples.

Thermal Imaging Camera

on occasion to take pictures of any pertinent temperature differential within your walls or fixtures when necessary.

Additional Testing

such as vacuum, smoke tests, direct exam (swab or tape samples) as well as qPCR-DNA samples can be preformed upon request.

A Video Camera

to perform a video assessment for specific litigation needs for your attorney.

Smoke Pencils and Fog Machines

In order to help pinpoint air leaks in a building envelope that could be causing hidden moisture/mold issues.




A borescope is an optical instrument designed to assist visual inspection of narrow, difficult-to-reach cavities such as inside wall cavities and so forth. It consist of a rigid or flexible tube with an eyepiece or display on one end, an objective lens or camera on the other, linked together by an optical or electrical system in between. 

Sterile Test Tubes

used for water quality testing.  Can test up to 82 potential water contaminants and health threats.


Once the inspection is complete, a 3rd party, state licensed laboratory will test the samples and report the results back to us within 3-4 business days.

You can also expedite the samples for same day results or for a 24 hour turnaround.


Next Steps After The Inspection

Once we receive the Lab Results back from the lab, you will get a copy. We will go over the Lab results with you in order to help you understand the extent of your mold problem.

After we go over the Lab results with you, we will put your lab results, along with all the details we found during our inspection of your home or business into an Assessment report which will also include our recommendations on how you need to proceed forward.  

In some cases, if a protocol is needed, which is a detailed  step-by-step process written specifically for your home by your Mold Consultant for a remediation company to follow and abide by, that is also available for an additional cost.

A protocol can take all day and range from 15-60 pages long.  However, this report will help save you money and time during the mold removal process by making sure the job is done correctly and no unnecessary work is added.