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Why we are in the Mold Assessment Industry


Our continued sole purpose is to help people the way we wished someone would have helped us, and to continue to spread awareness on Mold.

About TMI and why we have gone National under our new company Indoor Environmental Professionals USA

We are a true, unbiased, third party, state licensed Mold Assessment Consultants that have a strict “No Referral Policy.”

We do this in order to give our clients the peace of mind in knowing that we are there for them and not trying to up sell them by referring them to someone that pays us to refer them business. It happens in this industry…which can create a conflict of interest and dishonesty about the true conditions in your home or workplace. Which is why we have the “No Referral Policy.” If we say you have mold, then you know that we are being honest, as there is no monetary gain for us in saying you have mold and that you do need mold remediation.

We got into this industry because we experienced Mold ourselves and we wanted to help people the way we wished someone would have helped us.

AS our company started consulting nationally and as we met other mold advocates in other states, we realized very quickly that we are lucky to be in Texas. Texas at least polices mold contractors through TDLR. Contractors in our state can be held accountable and lose their license all together if they are found guilty of fraud, harming a client, taking advantage of them and so forth. All of the other states except Florida, don’t fully regulate or have zero regulations for those in the mold industry. It is like the Wild West. Anyone can be a mold inspector or mold remediator without any training or qualifications or experience in other states. How do you know if the person you are hiring knows what they are doing? The prices that people are paying are astronomical in other states. That’s because they aren’t regulated. We have heard people being quoted $1k and upwards of $5k for just a standard mold assessment without any sampling. In Texas the average mold assessment without sampling is between $350-$750 depending on the size of the home. After being asked multiple times by other mold advocates, we felt timing was right in 2022 to start branching out into every state in order to bring people a mold inspector into their state that they can count on. All of our inspectors have been hand selected and trained by Josh Rachal. All of them have been background checked and will operate with the upmost integrity.

We have grown to be one of the best and most trusted in the industry. We are recognized and referred by attorneys, doctors, clients and the good contractors.

We are not liked by the contractors who do a poor remediation job and where we are the consultant hired to check their work. We pride our selves on our thoroughness and honesty. We will not overlook any deficiency that should fail remediation out of convenance for any contractor and/or client; because then we could be held liable, and the client could find themselves needing remediation again in the future since all the mold and moisture was not resolved the first time. The last thing we want is for anyone to move back into an environment that still has mold growth and unresolved moisture problems that could cause them to react to their environment and need further costly remediation.

Depending on the amount of mold found will determine if a client will need a Mold remediation protocol or if they can do the work themselves and or need a state licensed Mold remediation company versus a general contractor. We will always recommend that a client hire a licensed mold remediation company over an unlicensed Water Restoration company in all scenarios. Here are the reasons why…

IN other states, most don't have any licenseing requirements. The IICRC in other states is the standard that you should look for when looking for a mold remediation contractor.

The IICRC’s Missions is To establish and advance globally recognized standards, credentials, and certifications for the inspection, cleaning, and restoration industries. In Texas the MRC license is the standard which mold remediation companies must have in order to remediate mold.

Licensed companies are held accountable and have to follow the rules and laws the state of Texas has in place for Mold remediation.


Unlicensed companies don’t.

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